What to look for in a repairer.

By Angus Burnett-Smith   November 28, 2018

Like any industry mobile, automotive service providers vary in skill set, ability, specialties, and availability. In the non-RepairCompare world, you enter a sharp assessment process when you look to engage with a new possible service provider- where you are required to form judgments on the service providers trustworthiness and overall likability. Information relating to their previous performance and their treatment of customers remains an assumption.

Mobile Touch-up? Really?

By Angus Burnett-Smith   November 23, 2018

In today's busy lives the urgency for total convenience has never been more imperative. Consumers want everything ‘online and to their door’ and are generally happy to pay a premium for it.The automotive cosmetic repair sector has actually been extremely progressive in this area and has been able to utilize a combination of technology and refined practices to deliver a range of services in the driveway of vehicle owners. Traditionally you might expect that with convenience comes additional cost- well in this case that’s not so.

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) and Traditional panel and paint repair?

By Angus Burnett-Smith   November 23, 2018

Once you understand this you will have unlocked this secret you will have discovered the pathway to finding the best and most effective repairs you’re your requirements forever.Paintless Dent Repair is a process employed by highly trained repairers for the removal of dents from (metal panel) bodywork. It was perfected for the removal of hail dents from auto bodies and has very specific uses.

Detailing- detailers vs detailers

By Angus Burnett-Smith   November 23, 2018

Looking for a detailer that fits the bill is twice the challenge it should be. That’s because people whoa) wash your carb) cut and polish your car andc) people who perform full paint corrections and provide ceramic coatingsall call themselves detailers.It can create significant headaches when it comes to matching the right service provider to the vehicle owner’s requirements. Unfortunately, the universal term ‘detailing’ is not going anywhere and a quick search for this term will continue to reveal all the varieties of the service advertised alongside each other. It can be a real trap for people in the market for the service.

Love your wheels!

By Angus Burnett-Smith   November 20, 2018

Nothing flags to a prospective buyer that a car has had a rough time more than scratched rims.At the most obvious level, this highlights that the owner has been neglectful but also raises the inevitable question that if scratched rims (that are so clearly visible) haven’t been repaired then what else has the owner neglected?Despite the obvious conclusions that it’s a clear indication on the level of care the vehicle has received- scratched and neglected rims are a clear indication on the level of love that a car has had- this still doesn’t consider the main reason for keeping your rims looking sharp. And that is that a massive percentage of car buyers are serious rim tragic’s.