Car Detailing

Even without scratches or dents, cars can lose their shine if they’re not washed regularly and properly and kept under cover. Even the most well cared for vehicle can become dull over time especially if it spends a lot of time parked outdoors.

Rain, dirt, traffic pollution, bird and bat droppings as well as tree sap all take their toll on the paintwork of your car and wheels and tyres can be easily marked from curbs.

There’s also the often neglected interior. Children, pets and passengers can all leave marks, spills, odours and hair inside of your car. Dashboards and interior shelving eventually fade.

Our comprehensive car detailing service providers can take care of both the inside as well as the outside of your car to bring back that showroom gleam it once had.

If your car is in sound condition under the hood, there’s no need to pay thousands for the privilege of a new car look. Simply rejuvenate your existing car for a fraction of the cost.