Frequently Asked Questions

RepairCompare allows you to compare quotes from the best Paintless Dent Repairers, Mobile Touch up technicians and Car Detailers closest to you.

Your quote request is sent free of charge to all registered service providers to find the one who is right for you.

This ensures total convenience of using verified and qualified service providers that come to you.
RepairCompare is completely free to use to request quotes.

As a service provider its free to send quotes. You will only be charged a small fee on the quotes you win. What could be fairer then that?

Quote Amount Deposit Fee
$0 to $250 10% of the value from $0.01-$250, with a minimum fee of $5
$251 to $500 8% of the value from $251 - $500, plus 9% of the remaining match value balance($0.01-$250)
$501 to $2,500 6% of the remaining match value balance ($501 - $1,500), plus 8% of the remaining match value balance($251 - $500.00), plus 9% of the value from $0.01-$250
Over $2,500 Quotes Above $2,500 - 4% of the remaining match value balance over $2500, 6% of the remaining match value balance ($501-$2,500), plus 8% of the remaining match value balance ($251 - $500), plus 9% of the value from $0.01 - $250.
In most states it's not legislated that these trades secure a formal qualification. So to provide total peace of mind each service provider has their ABN and contact information verified upon registration. On completion customers are provided with a feedback form that provides an overall rating for each service provider that serves as validation for future RepairCompare users.

Service providers who don’t meet the feedback related benchmarks are removed.
In rare cases that a service provider is unable to conduct the task as quoted, you are granted free access to select another provider from your list of quotes to facilitate the completion of the task.
Unfortunately not. provides an introduction forum that strives to provide the right service provider with the right job, We have provided a variety of tools to allow service providers to fully assess the validity of the requirements. Feel free to use the message board to obtain more pertainant information to access the proper requirements of the job.

If you believe the requirements of the job were misrepresented to you feel free to contact support.
Service providers offer their own guarantees in conjunction with their own business practices. Questions relating to individual warrantees should be asked during the selection process.
Service providers that are covered by their own public liability are depicted as such on their quote information.
Yes, after your quote request is circulated amongst our service providers a chat board is generated to allow you to ask questions of service providers and visa-versa.

It is however outside the RepairCompare terms and conditions to provide business names, phone numbers, web addresses or any direct contact information until the quote has been awarded.
Yes, RepairCompare does not share your information with any third parties other than the awarded service provider after a job is awarded.