Hail Repair

Very few of us have escaped the fury of Queensland's summer hail storms. They cause extremely widespread damage and traditionally cause very expensive repairs with little warning.

A typical repair solution requires lodging an insurance claim and loosing your car for up to a week while the car is repaired. Paintless dent repairers are often contracted to conduct the repairs by a ‘repairer' who frequently add 40-50% to the total cost of the repair.

What if you could receive quotes directly from the technician's themselves and in most cases have the repair done at your house?

Well, you can. The Repair Compare platform enables users to have the cost of these repairs reduced by up to 50% by bypassing the traditional repair process and avoiding middle men markups. Allowing you to deal directly with the technician themselves.

Repair Compare fetches you multiple competitive quotes for you to compare with a single quote request.

Simply book in a 'Repair Report’ and a Repair Compare assessor will visit you at home or work and generate a report that technicians will use to provide you with competitive quotes.

You assess the technician whose right for you and make the booking and payment directly.

Get your Dings gone, cheaper and easier then ever before.