Mobile Paint Repair

While bumpers are often the first casualty of road mishaps our technicians specialise in a full range our paint repair solutions. Paint damage can happen easily and can be an embarrassing or frustrating reminder of your misjudgement or someone else’s carelessness. Not only are you left with the cosmetic damage but it is possible for damaged bumper to affect the structure of your car. Because of this, bumper repairs are best done as soon as possible.

Traditionally, if you needed bumper repairs done, you would have to take your car to a body shop and leave it with them for a few days which would mean being without your car until it’s ready to be picked up.

There’s no need to take your car to a body shop, we can come you with our mobile dent repair service and professional technicians. You’ll save time and money and get the convenience of having us come to you. We will travel to any suburb in the greater Brisbane area and as long as we have a power point and off street parking, we can get to work. That means we can do your bumper repairs, scratch repairs or dent repairs at your home or workplace.

Bumper repairs for cracks are usually done using plastic welding technique followed by a re-finishing technique that will leave your bumper looking as good as new at a fraction of what a replacement bumper would cost. We then apply texture and colour to replicate the exact look and feel of the original factory fitted item.