Mobile Touch-up? Really?

In today’s busy lives the urgency for total convenience has never been more imperative. Consumers want everything ‘online and to their door’ and are generally happy to pay a premium for it.
The automotive cosmetic repair sector has actually been extremely progressive in this area and has been able to utilize a combination of technology and refined practices to deliver a range of services in the driveway of vehicle owners. Traditionally you might expect that with convenience comes additional cost- well in this case that’s not so.
By specializing in SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair technique) repairs, (Paintless) Dent Repair (PDR), detailing services and Rim Repairs the mobile cosmetic repair service industry has perfected the art of providing extremely high-quality services at a fraction of the cost of traditional (bricks and mortar) service providers.
Mobile services providers have particular advantages over premises-based service providers when it comes to overheads and is therefore able to pass on both significant convenience and value to their customers. In many cases, repairs can be as much as a third of the cost of their workshop brothers.
If reduced cost and total convenience wasn’t reason enough to utilize a mobile provider you might just get an outcome that will knock your socks off also.
In the case of Mobile touch-up repairers- Thankfully the days that “mobile repairers are cowboys” are well and truly in the dark ages.
Increased competition and platforms like RepairCompare have promoted an environment whereby mobile service providers must deliver repairs on par with their panel shop competitors or find another livelihood.
This changing tide has been a long and hard-fought change within the industry brought about largely by the lack of regulation required to deliver mobile services. For years paint repairers who couldn’t meet their quotas in a panel shop found themselves attempting to run a mobile repair business when they probably should have spent that time refining their craft instead.

The increased number of independently owned panel shops being absorbed by large international corporations has now created a valid path for the best painters in a panel shop who have hit the top of their craft and cant envisage further progress look to the mobile service industry as a genuine opportunity to be their own boss and utilize their hard-fought talents to build their own clientele and control their own destiny.
This shift has seen a massive increase in the scope and quality of the types of repairs that are happening in your neighbours driveway in 2-4 hours.
Progress yes. But still, some distance to go. In countries like the UK and USA mobile repairs are so well regarded for quality, cost, and convenience that they have become insurance approved. That is still a bridge to be crossed in Australia but it’s a stone’s throw away.