Detailing- detailers vs detailers

Looking for a detailer that fits the bill is twice the challenge it should be. That’s because people who

a) wash your car
b) cut and polish your car and
c) people who perform full paint corrections and provide ceramic coatings

all call themselves detailers.

It can create significant headaches when it comes to matching the right service provider to the vehicle owner’s requirements. Unfortunately, the universal term ‘detailing’ is not going anywhere and a quick search for this term will continue to reveal all the varieties of the service advertised alongside each other. It can be a real trap for people in the market for the service.
There are some skills you can sharpen to make sure you are getting the right fit for the job and the RepairCompare platform allows you to put those to good use. As part of your job request and ‘shared message board’ is established to allow you to converse with any service provider who is interested in winning your job. Use the chat board to engage with your service providers and ask questions.
What’s included in your quote? How long will it take?
But the clearest indication you will have about what to expect is cost. When it comes to detailers you definitely get what you pay for. Anywhere from $60- $2,000
Any response that suggests a handwash or a hand polish is a pretty safe way of concluding you are speaking to someone that is going to provide a through ‘car wash’ generally would take 2-4 hours and cost $60-$250. The bottom end would suggest that an outside wash has been quoted- the top end might include cleaning the inside also
When you receive responses that talk about 2-3 stage processes and cut and polishes you would generally find yourself talking to a ‘mid-range’ process and your detailer is going to perform a full cut and polish on your vehicle. This might cost anywhere from $250-$600 and would take 3-5 hours.
Finally, you’ll discover quotes that will make your eyes water $1000-$2000. Don’t be so quick to dismiss these quotes- they are generally next level! This would most likely involve a full paint correction, full cut and polish and often a ceramic coating. These procedures can take a number of days to complete but will have your car in a condition that will have you questioning any thoughts of selling – ever!
You might find you can play your part in making sure you get what you are after by asking for particulars when you request a quote. As you can see asking for a ‘detail’ might produce a complex web to untangle for you. Asking for a wash, cut and polish, internal and external clean (wet vac) paint correction or ceramic coating application will help you narrow your search to the most relevant service providers for your requirements.