What to look for in a repairer.

Like any industry mobile, automotive service providers vary in skill set, ability, specialties, and availability.

In the non-RepairCompare world, you enter a sharp assessment process when you look to engage with a new possible service provider- where you are required to form judgments on the service providers trustworthiness and overall likability. Information relating to their previous performance and their treatment of customers remains an assumption.

With every accepted quote within the RepairCompare platform issues a feedback request to every customer. Which means when you receive a quote from one of our repairers you can view the feedback received by each provider from EVERY job they have one.

The ability to provide feedback on each job is a key ingredient in building a secure environment and provides an extra layer of accountability for our service providers to deliver the best possible outcome.

This is a fundamental benefit afforded to customers through the use of online quote comparison platforms that not only level the playing field for service providers competing for your business but also puts the complete credentials of any service provider at your fingertips to help you make fully informed decisions.