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MELBOURNE,3000(56.84km fromRYTHDALE)


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Dent & Scratch Direct

PAKENHAM,3810(7.81km fromRYTHDALE)
ABN56 795 674 395

Make Your Car Look Like New Fast with Melbourne's Premier Mobile Dent & Scratch Experts Bumper repair, paint service, and paintless dent repair performed in 2-3 hours at your home or workplace. No insurance claim required - guaranteed. Get those ugly dents, dings, and scratches repaired in a flash by calling our experts today!

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Looking for a detailer that fits the bill is twice the challenge it should be. That’s because people whoa) wash your carb) cut and polish your car andc) people who perform full paint corrections and provide ceramic coatingsall call themselves detailers.It can create significant headaches when it comes to matching the right service provider to the vehicle owner’s requirements. Unfortunately, the universal term ‘detailing’ is not going anywhere and a quick search for this term will continue to reveal all the varieties of the service advertised alongside each other. It can be a real trap for people in the market for the service.

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