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Car Clinic WA Australia Pty Ltd

KINGSLEY,6026(3.23km fromDUNCRAIG)
ABN34 713 524 523

We are a fully mobile car repair service that comes to you offering scratch, paint & bumper repairs in Perth, as well as repairing chips, scuffs, wheel alloys and minor panel damage. We can rectify damage to your car, caravan, motorcycle or boat!

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Admin Perth

PERTH,6000(15.58km fromDUNCRAIG)


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Nothing flags to a prospective buyer that a car has had a rough time more than scratched rims.At the most obvious level, this highlights that the owner has been neglectful but also raises the inevitable question that if scratched rims (that are so clearly visible) haven’t been repaired then what else has the owner neglected?Despite the obvious conclusions that it’s a clear indication on the level of care the vehicle has received- scratched and neglected rims are a clear indication on the level of love that a car has had- this still doesn’t consider the main reason for keeping your rims looking sharp. And that is that a massive percentage of car buyers are serious rim tragic’s.

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